Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sabak Bernam, North of Selangor, Malaysia

Bagan Nakhoda Omar (BNO) is a beach that’s “hidden away”. Located in the Sabak Bernam district, the beach is accessible by a road that will take you through several traditional villages. A very quiet getaway, ideal for a day trip with friends and family.

How do you get there, I recommend the coastal road.

Kuala Lumpur > Kuala Selangor > Tanjong Karang > Sekinchan > Sungai Besar > Sabak Bernam

Fishermen's wharf

Low tide at the swamp

The swamp is teeming with creatures and here are some of them.
Mud skipper (face/off), they have fins that act as simple legs.

(Click on picture to view larger)


There are crabs every where, even in the drain


Bird of prey stalking...

Don't forget the seafoods while you are there!

Pic 1. Waiting

Pic 2. Still waiting...silently

Pic 3. Fish in the beak (Click on picture to view larger)

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